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NDR can partner with your firm to deliver value-added investment resources across your organization. With the flexibility to choose from numerous offerings to fit your needs. We can help scale your business by leveraging our investment expertise and extensive financial market content.




Customize your package based on your company needs

Logistically, what does this all mean? We can provide off-the-shelf or custom content for your platform or simply provide access to our subscription services for your investment team or affiliated advisors in the field. In short, we offer comprehensive content with the flexibility to meet your investment research needs.


  • Publications
  • Extensive permissionable chart library
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Custom content
  • Topical chart packages


  • Speaker at your firm event or conference
  • Topical webinars for your advisors
  • One-on-one meetings with your investment team


  • Leverage our expertise to enhance your existing process
  • Create custom content
  • Outside member for your investment committee to provide empirically-based perspectives
  • Model portfolios


Use Cases

Use case #1: Select content placed on partner’s platform that is available to all of their end clients. A mixture of publications, charts, and ETF and stock tearsheets.

Use case #2: Custom content placed on partner’s website to assist with marketing efforts.

Use case #3: Research content access: a blend of services and content (delivered insights, charts, and reports) to support partner’s business development.


Use case #4: Enhance asset allocation decision and models, providing experience, technology, and a rich database. Includes turn-key solutions for separately managed accounts.

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