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Founded in 1980, NDR is a global provider of independent investment research insights, tools, and solutions.

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NDR (Ned Davis Research) uses the weight of the evidence and a 360-degree approach to build up to market insights.  When we say "evidence," we mean processing millions of data series to fuel a historical perspective, building proprietary indicators and models, and calming investors in a world full of bull/bear news hype and hysteria.  We believe that no client is too big or too small to benefit from NDR's insights.

In 1980, Ned Davis founded a new investment research group based on his fundamental belief that making money is more important than being right.  Today, we are widely recognized for concise commentary and unbiased views.  NDR is headquartered in Venice, Florida, with offices in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Sydney.


NDR's 360° Approach

Our approach combines both fundamental and technical research disciplines.  Fundamentals tell us how the markets should be acting while technicals reveal how the markets are acting.  Truly insightful and timely ideas demand a balance between these two disciplines.  Actionable ideas meet balanced, strategic insights through our 360-degree methodology.

360 Approach

We believe that successful investing is seeing the signals and avoiding mistakes.  To do this, you need a clear view of the whole investment picture, which must include a perspective on Sentiment.

What we mean when we say:
See the signals. Avoid mistakes.™

The amount of data available for analysis is becoming increasingly vast.  More than ever, investors are looking for ways to cut through the noise.  In order to succeed, firms must first identify new ways to examine the market from multiple perspectives.  By providing research from the macro to the micro, NDR provides a more complete investment picture.

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Explore NDR's 360-degree approach to leverage insights that combine how the market should be acting  with how the market is acting.

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