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Asset Manager

NDR has been serving the Asset Manager for more than 40 years, with insights, models, and supporting objective, historical evidence.

Asset managers will benefit from NDR’s broad spectrum of geographic and asset class coverage, from economics all the way down to specific industries and themes.

Portfolio managers and analysts can receive insights directly or NDR’s customized portal allows you to craft your own view by diving into specific indicators, historical studies, and Watch Reports. The interactive charts and tools encourage analysts to “kick the tires” on current ideas and theories to increase conviction.

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Public Persona - Asset Manager - Method

Investment ideas come from:

Global, U.S., European, and Asia-Pacific markets
Equities, fixed income, commodities, and alternatives
Intermediate time-horizon
Macro, country/region, industry, and themes

What We Deliver

Flagship allocation models for most major asset classes and geographies.
Strategist views and recommendations in a concise narrative and visual format.
Deep historical studies of economic, broad market, and industry themes and events. 
Expert designed indicator library (technical, macro, fundamental, sentiment).
Extensive benchmarking analysis and comparative reports.