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Asset Owner

Asset Owners and investors with longer time horizons will benefit from NDR’s deep historical data, tools, and perspectives.

With four decades of asset allocation experience, across the major geographies and asset classes, and incorporating the newer, alternative investments, asset owners can leverage NDR’s research to confidently make investment decisions.

The NDR research platform organizes our vast array of investment coverage specifically for asset owners Historical charts, scenario-based studies, and allocation tools are designed by our expert research staff to resource asset owners with the information needed to both make strategic and tactical allocation decisions.

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Communication Methods

Website Portal

On-demand access to a broad array of charts, publications and tools. Easy-to-manage content lists and curated content available at your convenience.


Monthly broadcasts on wide variety of timely topics. Accessible for all levels of subscription, these webinars include convenient access to replays, slide decks, interactive polls and a lively Q&A.

One-on-one calls

Craving a bit of one on one time with your favorite strategist? One-on-one calls can be arranged through your sales reps with specific strategists and analysts.


Our strategists and analysts are regularly sought after as expert panelists and presenters at investment industry conferences world-wide.

Direct Email

Many of our reports, charts, and publications can be sent directly and conveniently to your inbox.

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Investment ideas come from

Global, U.S., European, and Asia-Pacific markets Equities, fixed income, commodities, and alternatives Macro, country/region, and theme

What We Deliver

  • Long-term capital market assumptions; supporting evidence
  • Deep, historical chart library and interactive tools to assist with allocation decisions
  • Strategist views and recommendations in a concise narrative and visual format
  • Expert designed lists of factors (Macroeconomic, fundamental, valuation)