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Buying stocks when they are this expensive has led to low returns in the future

2019-07-17   |   External Site

The index’s median return over a 10-year period when valuations are so high is 4.7%, according to Ned Davis Research, Ed Clissold, U.S. Chief Strategist. The S&P 500′s median returns when valuations are at lower quintiles range between 5.4% and 11.6%.

Ned Davis Research Points to Another Potential Tactic for the Federal Reserve

2019-06-24   |   External Site
The Federal Reserve seems to be signaling a set of rate cuts before the end of the year, and now Wall Street is predicting how many,and not if they will lower rates. Additionally, Ned Davis Research pointed to another way the fed could likely boost the economy.

NDR 2019 Report: Will Value Ever Outperform Again? Select External Link to Download

2019-06-04   |   External Site
June 2019 Will Value Ever Outperform Again?  Download the featured report by Ed Clissold, U.S, Market Strategist and Thanh Nguyen, Senior Quantitative Analyst.

Pat Tschosik Comments on Millennial Myths in Barrons

2019-05-06   |   External Site

Pat Tschosik added his commentary to a recent Barrons article outlining some of the more common misconceptions about Millennials. Read the full article here.

Pat Tschosik Featured in Latest Barron's Article on Millennial Spending

2019-05-06   |   External Site

Pat Tschosik was featured in the latest Barron's article, written by Daren Fonda on Millennial Spending. Read the full article here.

Ned Davis Provides his View to CNBC on Day Trading in Today's Market

2019-05-06   |   External Site

In a recent CNBC article, Ned Davis Research founder, Ned Davis, discusses his view of day trading in today's current environment. Read the full article here.

Ed Clissold Featured on CNBC Futures Now

2019-02-06   |   External Site

Ed Clissold sat down with CNBC and warned investors to not get sidetracked by the year's strong market kickoff. A deep pullback threat remains. Read the full article.

Will Geisdorf featured in USA Today

2018-12-31   |   External Site

Will Geisdorf's thoughts on the current bear market featured in USA Today. Read the Article Now.

Ed Clissold Featured in CNBC

2018-12-09   |   External Site

Ed Clissold sat down with CNBC to discuss the current bear market. Watch the Video and Read the Article Now.

Ed Clissold Featured in Reuters

2018-12-06   |   External Site

Ed Clissold was featured in the Reuters' article Oil's Sharp Price Drop Fuels Questions for Stock Market. Read the article now.

NDR Wins Wealth & Money Management Awards- Best Global Investment Research Firm

2018-10-17   |   External Site

Ned Davis Research was named as the 2018 Wealth and Money Management Awards- Best Global Investment Research Firm. Read the full article.

Why Fed rate hikes may not hurt stocks—this time

2015-06-22   |   External Site

However, a study by Ned Davis Research found that a slower pace of hiking could change that outlook for equities and the market could continue to ...

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