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What You Can Expect in 2H2019: Zulauf Consulting + NDR Conference Call

2019-05-17   |   External Site

Please join Zulauf Consulting & Ned Davis Research on Thursday, June 6th at 10:30 a.m. EST for a joint Conference Call. This upcoming call will feature Tim Hayes and Felix Zulauf speaking about what’s ahead on the macro front. Each speaker will present their outlook:  What You Can Expect in 2H2019, followed by Q+A.




Pat Tschosik Comments on Millennial Myths in Barrons

2019-05-06   |   External Site

Pat Tschosik added his commentary to a recent Barrons article outlining some of the more common misconceptions about Millennials. Read the full article here.

Pat Tschosik Featured in Latest Barron's Article on Millennial Spending

2019-05-06   |   External Site

Pat Tschosik was featured in the latest Barron's article, written by Daren Fonda on Millennial Spending. Read the full article here.

Ned Davis Provides his View to CNBC on Day Trading in Today's Market

2019-05-06   |   External Site

In a recent CNBC article, Ned Davis Research founder, Ned Davis, discusses his view of day trading in today's current environment. Read the full article here.

Ed Clissold Featured on CNBC Futures Now

2019-02-06   |   External Site

Ed Clissold sat down with CNBC and warned investors to not get sidetracked by the year's strong market kickoff. A deep pullback threat remains. Read the full article.

Will Geisdorf featured in USA Today

2018-12-31   |   External Site

Will Geisdorf's thoughts on the current bear market featured in USA Today. Read the Article Now.

Veneta Dimitrova Featured in Bloomberg

2018-12-20   |   External Site

Veneta Dimitrova's work on how household financial wealth affects real consumption growth was featured in the Bloomberg article When Market Ills MAke the Economy Sick. Read the Full Article.

Ed Clissold Featured in CNBC

2018-12-09   |   External Site

Ed Clissold sat down with CNBC to discuss the current bear market. Watch the Video and Read the Article Now.

Ed Clissold Featured in Reuters

2018-12-06   |   External Site

Ed Clissold was featured in the Reuters' article Oil's Sharp Price Drop Fuels Questions for Stock Market. Read the article now.

Ed Clissold Featured in The New York Times

2018-11-02   |   External Site

Ed Clissold featured in The New York Times article The Stock Market Typically Rises After Midterm Elections. This Year Is Anything but Typical. Read the full article.

Joe Kalish Featured on Bloomberg Businessweek

2018-10-31   |   External Site

Joe Kalish shared his outlook for the U.S. economy, and why he sees a bear market for bonds on the Bloomberg Businessweek podcast. Listen Now.

Bloomberg- Ned Davis Cuts U.S. Stocks Again as Global Bear Market Deepens

2018-10-26   |   External Site

Tim Hayes featured in Bloomberg discussing a global bear market, and why we are cutting equity exposure. Read the full article.

Tim Hayes on CNBC Squawk Box

2018-10-22   |   External Site

Tim Hayes discusses why investors should be very cautious right now with CNBC. Watch the interview.

NDR Wins Wealth & Money Management Awards- Best Global Investment Research Firm

2018-10-17   |   External Site

Ned Davis Research was named as the 2018 Wealth and Money Management Awards- Best Global Investment Research Firm. Read the full article.

Ed Clissold Featured in Smarter Analyst

2018-10-16   |   External Site

Ed Clissold featured in Smarter Analyst with comments on volatility from his recent CNBC interview. Read the article now.

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