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Founded in 1980, NDR is a global provider of independent investment research insights, tools, and solutions.

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Macro Research Insights - Independent Investment research provider - NDRINSIGHTS

  • NDR - Global Provider Independent Investment Research

    Institutional Investors

    Insights available in three distinct packages to fit a broad range of needs and areas of interest

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  • Wealth Managers

    Insights focused on helping relate complex financial insights to wealth management clients

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Macro Research Tools - Independent Research Provider - NDRTOOLS

  • ETF - NDR - global provider independent investment research

    ETF Selection

    Unique tools to identify and compare ETFs with commentary and coverage on ETPs in North America

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  • Stock Selection

    Analytic tool for fundamentals, risks and macro exposures affecting stocks

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Macro Research Solutions - Independent Investment Research Provider - NDRSOLUTIONS

  • Investment Solutions

    Select models and indices as turn-key financial solutions (e.g., Mutual Funds, ETFs, Managed Accounts)

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  • Enterprise Solutions

    Customize your solution to seamlessly integrate NDR into your business

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  • Custom Research - NDR - global provider independent investment research

    Custom Research

    Research tailored to custom needs, from watch reports to equity screens to fully dedicated outsourced analysts

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  • Data - NDR - global provider independent investment research


    Access to a full top-down library of data sets, resulting in unique ideas for generating better performance

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Explore NDR's 360-degree approach to leverage insights that combine how the market should be acting  with how the market is acting.

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