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SSUS makes's list of interesting launches of 2020. Read the full article

NDR's bull-bear market calendar in MarketWatch

Dow’s recovery since March is impressive but says nothing about how long the bull market will run, read the article from MarketWatch

NDR in Business Insider

President-elect Joe Biden's multi-trillion dollar stimulus plan will spur a surge in economic growth next year. Read more from NDR with Business insider.

NDR in The Wall Street Journal

Tesla's the latest to be included into the S&P 500, Stock performance for companies added to the index between 1973 and 2018 usually fell behind the S&P a year after inclusion, according to NDR. Read the full article.

Ed Clissold on Bloomberg's 'The Close'

Ed Clissold joins Bloomberg's 'The Close' to discuss U.S. markets amidst the spike of COVID-19. Listen to the full interview.

Ed Clissold interview with CNBC

Ed Clissold joins CNBC to explain why divident-paying stocks are posed for a comeback. Watch the full interview.

MarketWatch highlights NDR

What will you do when the bull market tops out? Ned Davis Research is cited in the latest analysis from MarketWatch.

NDR with The New York Times

NDR suggested that the markets expected a high degree of election chaos, and the 6.5% decline of the DJIA was the worst pre-election performance on record. Read the full analysis from The New York Times.

Ed Clissold with Forbes

Is Trump of Biden better for the stock market? Ed Clissold provides analysis into the market impact of the upcoming election outcome. Read the full analysis with Forbes.

CNBC interview with Ed Clissold

How do U.S. presidential elections typically impact stock? Listen to the latest CNBC interview with Chief U.S. Strategist, Ed Clissold

NDR in Business Insider

With mega-cap stocks like amazon and tesla seeing their market cap surge to $8 trillion over the last 8 years, their strong sales and earnings growth looks like a bubble, according to NDR. Read the full analysis.

Ed Clissold With Yahoo Finance

Stocks renew declines, as stimulus may be off the table ahead of the election. Chief U.S. Strategist for Ned Davis Research, joins Yahoo Finance’s The First Trade to discuss what's moving the markets around Tuesday’s opening bell. Watch the full interview.

Bloomberg interview with Tim Hayes

Tim Hayes joins Bloomberg Markets: The Close to discuss the latest in the markets. Watch the full interview.

Fox Business interview with Ed Clissold

Chief U.S. Strategist Ed Clissold argues indicators show markets will hit new highs in the coming months. Full interview.

Alejandra Grindal onTD Ameritrade

Senior International Economist Alejandra Grindal recently joined TD Ameritrade to discuss the latest global manufacturing numbers and what to expect moving forward. Watch the full interview.

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