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Ed Clissold Interview with Bloomberg

Chief U.S. Strategist, Ed Clissold, sits down with Bloomberg to share his thoughts on the U.S. economic recovery, Watch the full interview.

Pat Tschosik with Business Insider

Pat Tschosik shares 7 travel stocks - including 2 with more than 100% upside - to take advantage of continued investor underrating of the sector as international trips start to pick back up. Read the full article

Bloomberg interview with Ed Clissold

Chief U.S Strategist Ed Clissold joins Bloomberg to discuss the market impact of a resurging travel sector and his overall market outlook. Watch the full interview.

Alejandra Grindal with CNBC

I do thnk the Fed will get it right, because they are in line with our view that the upside rise to inflation is transitory, said Alejandra Grindal. Read the full article.

Yahoo Finance interview with Ed Clissold

Ed Clissold, Chief U.S. Strategist for Ned Davis Research, joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss outlook on the market, inflation concerns, and cryptocurrency. LIsten to the full interview


Ed Clissold on Money Life

Chief U.S. Strategist, Ed Clissold, recently sat down with Chuck Jaffe of Money Life to discuss the U.S. stock market and his second half 2021 forecast. Listen to the full interview.

NDR in Yahoo Finance

Since 1972, stocks with high-growth dividends have outperformed the broader markets in higher inflationary periods according to NDR. Read the full Yahoo Finance article.

Brian Sanborn with CNBC

Brian Sanborn, the firm's senior vice president for wealth amangement, said in a note that the ratio of a company's free cash flow to its enterprise value has been the best factor for picking stocks since at least 1988. Read the full article.

Fiscal lessons of COVID pandemic

Veneta Dimitrova, senior U.S. economist at Ned Davis Research, says the COVID pandemic showed us the government has more fiscal space than throught. Read the full article from The Bond Buyer.

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