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Can growth continue?

Alejandra Grindal joins Gavin Graham of indepth investing to discuss why growth can continue. Listen to the full podcast.

Inflation may not be as transitory as policymakers think

Joe Kalish says that the global markets are positioned well for the future provided that they can avoid significant trauma caused by inflation, and he is worried that the pressures causing current inflation may be more persistent than policymakers expect.

Momentum, Breadth & Seasonality with Ed Clissold

Chief U.S. Strategist, Ed Clissold, sits down with JC Parets of Technical Analysis Radio to discuss market breadth, sector trends, momentum and seasonality. Listen to the full episode.

Gold price: a battle between short-term sentiment and long-term fundamentals

Chief Global Investment Strategist, Tim Hayes, recently sat down with Kitco News to discuss gold prices. He notes, Sentiment in the near-term remains negative on gold, but I don't see prices moving into a long-term downtrend anytime soon. Read the full article

Will Fed taper be delayed? A discussion with Joe Kalish.

Chief global macro strategist, Joe Kalish, joins The Bond Buyer podcast to discuss his thoughts on when the Federal Reserve will announce it will cut back on its asset purchases, the possibility of Chair Jerome Powell’s renomination and what to expect from the Jackson Hole summit. Listen to the full discussion.

Ed Clissold weighs in on the market as the Dow hits milestone

Chief U.S. Strategist, Ed Clissold, weighs in on the market as the dow hits 35000 as stocks rise to records. Read the full article from the Wall Street Journal.

Equity markets, the U.S. dollar, and commodities with Tim Hayes.

Tim Hayes explains why investors should maintatin maximum overweight equity allocations with the bull market likely to persist in the second half of the year. Listen to the full interview with TD Ameritrade Network

Ed Clissold - Still more room for growth in the value rotation

Ed Clissold joins Bloomberg to discuss his outlook on the value rotation. Watch the full interview.

Alejandra Grindal says recent jobs data shows that the U.S. economic recovery is underway

Alejandra Grindal joins Bloomberg to discuss recent jobs data. Watch the full replay.

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