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Ed Clissold on market selloff: Look for more corrections and more volatility in the short term.

Ed Clissold, NDR's Chief Strategist talks about the recent market selloff and expected tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

Ed Clissold waves red flag for current earnings season

Ned Davis thinks profit growth will come in way south of what the market expects.

Cyclical Correction or bull market? Clissold comments on decline in Nasdaq

Ed Clissod, Chief U.S. Strategist, says gulf would usually suggest bear market ahead. “Market breadth for Nasdaq stocks is pretty pathetic,” Ed Clissold, chief U.S. strategist at Ned Davis, said in an interview.

The markets in 2022: why investors should tread very carefully

NDR offers their outlook for equities and bonds in 2022. 

Bloomberg Outlook 2022

What lies ahead in 2022? NDR offers its outlook as markets and economies grapple with the new normal

This indicator flashed warnings in 2000 and 2007 — and it’s buzzing now

NDR discusses falling margin debt growth and what this means for markets in 2022. 

Bull market heads into New Year on a shaky foundation

NDR offers its outlook for US markets in 2022 and discusses expectations for equities. 

Silver price 2022: Here's how silver can outperform gold as it plays catch-up next year

NDR's Chief Global Investment Strategist, Tim Hayes, discusses gold and silver's outlook for 2022. 

Investors seeking returns should allocate 5% to Bitcoin

Institutional investors could invest more in cryptocurrencies if tighter regulations are enacted, according to Ned Davis Research.

Clissold ranks inflation risk as top concern for 2022.

Ned Davis Research Chief U.S. Strategist Ed Clissold discusses his outlook for 2022 on Bloomberg. Watch now!

NDR’s Kalish forsees further flattening of the Yield Curve

The spread between yields on 2- and 10-year Treasury notes, one of the most closely watched parts of the yield curve, narrowed Tuesday to a level not seen since January, while traders boosted their expectations for an accelerated pace of rate hikes by the Federal Reserve following an unexpected hawkish pivot by Chairman Jerome Powell.

Tim Hayes says buy US growth stocks but not keen on UK value stocks

Merryn talks to Tim Hayes, chief global investment strategist of Ned Davis Research, about why he's so bullish on US growth stocks, but not so keen on UK value stocks.

Market has room to run into next year; volatility likely in 2022

Ed Clissold, chief U.S. strategist for Ned Davis Research, says that the market has room to run into next year, but that 2022 is likely to see much more volatility and much slower growth, even if inflation concerns start to fade and interest rates don't move dramatically higher.

Bloomberg Surveillance (Early Edition)

Ed Clissold, Chief U.S. Strategist at Ned Davis Research, says stock market momentum looks good.

Massive primary, constructive secondary lead yields lower

Triple-A benchmarks saw bumps of one to five basis points. The 10-year muni is now falling closer toward 1% and the 30-year is down near 1.5%. The 10-year UST fell five basis points to land at 1.44% and the 30-year moved to 1.822%, or six basis points lower.

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