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Ed Clissold discusses which indicators to watch

Ned Davis Research chief U.S. strategist Ed Clissold details the macroeconomic indicators to watch over the coming weeks.

Alejandra Grindal shares insight on the US NEET rate

Alejandra Grindal shares insight on the US NEET rate; Economists search for theories on why fewer oeioke from ages 20 to 24 are working or seeking a job.

Ed Clissold sees upside for commodities regardless of which party wins midterm elections

Ed Clissold, chief U.S. strategist at Ned Davis Research, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss his view on markets as Americans head to the polls. Clissold says history has shown recession don't usually happen before midterms. He also adds is uncommon for the presidential party to win the majority of seats during midterms. He adds a year-end rally is quite possible.

Joe Kalish sees a year-end stock market rally, and a rate cut next quarter

Joe Kalish, chief macro strategist at Ned Davis Research, says that the Federal Reserve will begin scaling back its rate hikes by March, creating a good environment for bonds and cash to generate a real return with minimal risk. But first, he says the stock market will likely rally down the final stretch of 2022, but that because the  stock market has never bottomed ahead of the start of a recession he expects a reversal that takes out the lows before the Fed pivots and the market can start a slow recovery during or after a mild recession in mid- to late 2023. 

Is a global recession coming? More experts are raising the alarm

After beginning as a murmur early in the year, warnings of an incoming global recession are growing louder by the day. During the past week, high-profile figures from the head of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to American Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman have sounded the alarm about the likelihood of a global downturn.

Ed Clissold details macroeconomic indicators to watch:

Ned Davis Research chief U.S. strategist Ed Clissold details the macroeconomic indicators to watch over the coming weeks.

Bearish investor sentiment is the key to sustaining a stock market rally into 2023:

A rally in the stock market heading into 2023 won't be sustainable unless investor sentiment remains in bearish territory, according to a Thursday note from Ned Davis Research.

As U.S. stocks rip higher, investors hunt for signs of market bottom.

Some gauges of the stock market's health are showing that the latest rally in U.S. equities may be the start of a sustained move higher, though many investors are hesitant to jump on board until there are signs inflation is cooling.

Torched Stocks Are About the Only Thing Working in Fed’s Favor.

Inflation shows few signs of cooling in the economy. The same cannot be said of markets, which are starting to seem like the only thing the Federal Reserve has going for it these days.

Reverse Currency War

Data suggests the global economy is already in a moderate slowdown but the odds of a severe recession are climbing, and that presents downside risks to equities for the year ahead, according to Ned Davis Research.

There’s a 98% chance of a global recession, research firm warns

Warning lights are flashing in the global economy as high inflation, drastic rate hikes and the war in Ukraine take their toll. There is currently a 98.1% chance of a global recession, according to a probability model run by Ned Davis Research.

Fed’s Charles Evans ‘a little nervous’ about rate hikes as recession fears mount

Chicago Federal Reserve President Charles Evans said he’s concerned that policymakers will hike interest rates too fast — an admission that came as a research firm reportedly said a US recession is a near certainty.

S&P 500 ends Tuesday down after notching a fresh bear market low, Dow slips more than 100 points

The S&P 500 fell deeper into a bear market on Tuesday after setting a new 2022 low, while the benchmark 10-year Treasury yield continued to climb to levels not seen in at least a decade.

Risk of severe global recession is rising, say NDR strategists

Monday brought a stark warning for Wall Street daredevils: Stocks are still in free fall and bearish sentiment is far from getting exhausted -- especially with hawkish central bankers rattling recession-obsessed markets like this.

This ‘single greatest predictor of future stock-market returns’ has fallen sharply — and that’s a bullish sign

A good chunk of the bull market’s excesses have been worked off, according to the “Single Greatest Predictor of Future Stock Market Returns.” And that’s good news.

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