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Ned Davis voices concerns in the Price/Sales ratio with MarketWatch

Founder Ned Davis notes that the price / sales ration for the S&P 500 is at record highs and well in excess of what they were in 2000 or 2007. Read the MarketWatch article here.

NDR Analysts on CNBC

NDR Analysts marks historical swings in oil prices amidst turmoil, noting that noted that there have been much more violent, and sustained, price swings in the past. Full article.

Pat Tschosik's commentary on Yahoo Finance

With elections season around the corner, Pat Tschosik explains how a political shift could impacts companies within the health-care, financial and energy sectors. Read the full article.

Joe Kalish analysis into the current bond market with CNBC

Chief Global Macro Strategist Joe Kalish's notes the demand for bond funds will be even more important for the market’s performance in 2020. Read the full article.

Founder Ned Davis in CNBC Report

Stocks fall slightly, but S&P 500 still on track for 2019 gain of nearly 30%. Founder Ned Davis: “We climbed a wall of worry, from a growth slowdown and profits flat at best, trade concerns, potential impeachment, and high valuations bothering investors — including myself.” Full article.

Energy Strategist Warren Pies oil analysis on CNBC

Energy Strategist Warren Pies gives an analaysis into a recent shift in oil. See the full analysis into why the “bull case is weakening” for oil 

Will Geisdorf on 2020 ETF Implementation with MarketWatch

ETF Strategist William Geisdorf provides an analysis into his ETF watch list for 2020. Full article here.

Analyst at Ned Davis Research featured in the New York Times

Analysts at Ned Davis Research tracked eight types of investments — large and small domestic stocks, developed and emerging market stocks, Treasuries, corporate bonds, commodities and real estate — going back to 1972. Read the full analysis.

Chief US Strategist Ed Clissold appearance on the Money Life podcast with Chuck Jaffe

Ed talks economic, earnings, Federal Reserve and Presidential cycles will eb the driving and determining forces to the kind of year 2020 can be. Listen to the full podcast here

Ed Clissold Value Stock Commentary in MarketWatch

Cheif US Strategist Ed Clissold breaks down value stocks, noting a correlation between value and fast economic growth and providing insight into the impact moving into 2020. Read the full article.

Ned Davis Research Stock-Profit call featured on Bloomberg

Strategists at Ned Davis Research also studied the stock-profit connection and found equity prices often move inversely to earnings in real time. Read more here.

Will Geisdorf ETF Analysis featured on MarketWatch

Ned Davis Research ETF Strategist Will Geisdorf provides an analysis into what funds could fare well if we're at the end of a global slowdown. Full article here.

Will Geisdorf interview on RIA Channel with Julie Cooling

Our ETF Strategist William Geisdorf recently sat down with Julie Cooling from RIA Channel to discuss the current state of the ETF market. Watch the full interview.

Tim Hayes on Meb Faber

Our Chief Global Investment Strategist was recently featured on the Meb Faber podcast to talk about all recent market moves. Listen to the full interview here.

Ned Davis Research Featured in The Wall Street Journal

The S&P 500 Low Volatility Index has outperformed the S&P 500 itself by an annual 1.9% since 1972. We shed a light on recent inflows into low vol vehicles and what you should be watching in the full article.

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