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NDR in Yahoo Finance

Since 1972, stocks with high-growth dividends have outperformed the broader markets in higher inflationary periods according to NDR. Read the full Yahoo Finance article.

Pat Tschosik with Barron's

NDR's Senior Portfolio Strategist, Patrick Tschosik, on tech stocks, “Semiconductors are the bubble no one talks about.” Read the latest from Barron's.

Alejandra Grindal with TIME


The third round of stimulus could impact a much smaller group of Americans this time around. Senior International Economist, Alejandra Grindal notes “The more targeted, the more bang for your buck.” Read the latest from TIME Magazine.

Joe Kalish interview with The Business Station

The benchmark 10-year treasury yield is nearing its highest level in a year. Chief Global Macro Strategist Joe Kalish sits down with The Business Station to discuss market implications. Listen to the full interview.

NDR with Business Insider

With the likelihood of excess liquidity rising with another round of stimulus, NDR provides insights into the prospects for more double-digit returns. Read the full article from Business Insider.

NDR cited in Yahoo Finance

Over the past 40 years, Ned Davis Research findings show companies who have hiked their dividends consistently returned 9.4% on an average annual basis. Read the full analysis from Yahoo Finance.

Brian Sanborn with the Financial Times

Brian Sanborn provides analysis into a potential shakeup to the ETF industry. Read the full article from the Financial Times.

Alejandra Grindal interview on TD Ameritrade Network

Senior International Economist Alejandra Grindal recently sat down on the TD Ameritrade Network to discuss the January employment report. Watch the full interview.

NDR with FXStreet

After seeing its worst sell-off in nearly three months, the S&P 500 saw a reliable recovery, but Ned Davis Research notes the trailing P/E ratio of median U.S. stocks may be reason for concern. Read the full article.

Pat Tschosik and Matt Bauer with Forbes

Pat Tschosik and Matt Bauer lay out 3 great ETF's for Biden plays, provided that Biden can get ambitious undertakings approved on Capital Hill. Read the full article

Ed Clissold with CNBC

Are there any bears left? In the latest article from CNBC, Chief U.S. Strategist Ed Clissold breaks down current market optimism and where we're headed. Read the full article.

Ned Davis featured in MarketWatch

The market looks bubbly notes our founder and Senior Investment Strategist Ned Davis, but that the ride up will still continue. Read the latest from MarketWatch.

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