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Ask us about custom research solutions for your investment challenges.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions are one-time project based offerings, designed to address common investment challenges. These projects are customized to your specifications and classified into basic, core and premium based on complexity.

Basic Tailored Solution

Watch Reports

Help you make investment calls by organizing key indicators into an easy-to-follow framework.

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Market Studies

Provides important historical context, strategist thoughts, and potential outcomes that may influence your decision making.

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Factor Testing

Enables you to validate your ideas with a veteran quant team and confirm your factor model is robust before making an important investment decision.

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Core Tailored Solution


Organize all your content into a single portal optimized for your investment research style.

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Pattern Recognition

Evaluates and identifies investment opportunities across a myriad of universes.

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Equity Screens

Harness NDR's global equity database to test and develop robust equity selection strategies.

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Premium Tailored Solution

Equity Allocation Model

Build a complete equity selection strategy designed to outperform your benchmark, aligns with your investment philosophy, and manages a myriad of risks in an intelligent way.

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Asset Allocation Model

Build a complete asset allocation strategy that aggregates and centralizes competing ideas into an objective framework.

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Concierge Solutions

Provides on-demand access to our analyst staff to address a variety of your investment needs including: customized charts and reports, white papers, commentaries and signal systems.

Package Options Include

  • Unlimited, On-Demand Research Support
  • Access to NDR's proprietary content and models
  • Tailored Solutions projects
  • Dedicated CRS analyst
  • Onsite analysts and strategists visits
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