NDR Hotline 360°

NDR Hotline 360° offers commentary on market trends, sentiment and macro environments and delivers perspective on updated economic data through key models, charts and reports.

  • Offers commentary, highlights on trading strategies, sentiment, trends and monetary conditions
  • Centered on three concepts of the NDR philosophy: Ned's 10 Rules of Resarch, the weight of the evidence approach, and the 360° research method
  • Provides a consistent approach to investing
  • Rooted in NDR's founding research philosophy

What we deliver

Strategy, reports and models

  • Weekly Trend Focus, Sentiment Focus, Macro Focus
  • 600+ charts and reports covering key topics such as market trends, sentiment and macroeconomic drivers
  • Curated and customizable content lists


  • Timely webinars
  • Access to strategists and events


How we do it

  • NDR's 360° approach combines fundamental and technical research disciplines: fundamentals tell us how the markets should be acting, while technicals reveal how the markets are acting. 
  • Truly insightful and timely ideas demand a balance between fundamentals and technicals; actionable ideas meet balanced, strategic insights through our 360-degree methodology.
  • Successful investing is seeing the signals and making informed decisions; to do this, we provide a clear view of the whole investment picture, including a perspective on sentiment.

Examples of NDR Hotline 360°

Sentiment on oil, gold, bonds, and stocks

June 23, 2021 | Ned Davis

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Tape continues to lean bullish for stocks, but with some things to watch

June 21, 2021 | Ned Davis

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