NDR Europe 360°

The NDR Europe 360° product covers regional Europe and individual countries and sectos, periodically highlighting stock or ETF-specific insights. 

  • Draws on NDR's global investment research to provide detailed analysis of European markets, including country and sector specific coverage
  • Primarily focused on equities with opportunistic coverage of other asset classes
  • Incorporates currency insights focused on the Euro, Pound and Swiss Franc
  • Extends NDR's research approach, combining techniques from fundamental, macroeconomic and technical disciplines to the European markets.

What we deliver

Strategy, reports and models

  • Three publications per month
  • Timely written presentations and webinars
  • "Watch" Reports & Models
  • Country and sector level reports.
  • Coverage of thematic topics such as technology, dividend-income, industry trends
  • Extensive interactive chart/report library of European markets


  • Conference calls
  • One-on-one calls
  • Client roadshows
  • Conferences
  • Webinars


How we do it

  • NDR's 360° approach combines fundamental and technical research disciplines: fundamentals tell us how the markets should be acting, while technicals reveal how the markets are acting. 
  • Truly insightful and timely ideas demand a balance between fundamentals and technicals; actionable ideas meet balances, strategic insights through our 360-degree methodology.
  • Successful investing is seeing the signals and making informed decisions; to do this, we provide a clear view of the whole investment picture, including a perspective on sentiment.

Examples of NDR Europe 360° 

European Equity market rally?  

November 15, 2022 | Mark Phillips 

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European economists getting less gloomy 

November 22, 2022 | Mark Phillips

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Public-NDR Europe 360 staff bio

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Mark Phillips, CFA European Equity Strategist


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