NDR ETF Selection

NDR ETF Selection is a comprehensive service that covers more than 2,500 exchange-traded products. 

  • Uses simple and concise tools, models, charts and publications to identify ETFs— from over $6 trillion in ETF assets globally—that meet clients’ investment needs and help optimize ETF portfolios
  • Leverages 30+ years of NDR institutional research, indicator development and historical testing capabilities
  • Provides timely weekly publications that identify potential trading opportunities across stock, bond and commodity ETFs
  • Offers unique short-term studies that provide historical context around rare market events

What we deliver


  • ETF Hightlights
  • ETFs on the Move
  • ETF Model Update


  • Trend Ratings
  • Relative Strength Ratings
  • Liquidity Score
  • Mean Reversion Score
  • Valuation Score
  • Seasonality Score

Idea Generation

  • Breakout Report
  • Breadth Report
  • ETF Screens

Models and Tools

  • ETF Asset Allocation Model
  • ETF Screener
  • ETF Insight
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • ETF Correlator
  • Asset Flows, Short Interest, and Earnings Revision Reports


How we do it

  • NDR's 360° approach combines fundamental and technical research disciplines: fundamentals tell us how the markets should be acting, while technicals reveal how the markets are acting. 
  • Truly insightful and timely ideas demand a balance between fundamentals and technicals; actionable ideas meet balanced, strategic insights through our 360-degree methodology.
  • Successful investing is seeing the signals and making informed decisions; to do this, we provide a clear view of the whole investment picture, including a perspective on sentiment.

Examples of NDR ETF Selection

It's better to be the house

June 24, 2021 | Matt Bauer

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Can the semiconductor rally continue?

May 27, 2021 | Matt Bauer

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