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Leverage NDR's data solutions for economic indicators, factors and models.

The breadth of data, combined with Ned Davis Research's objective blend of fundamentals and technicals, produces a different perspective. The result is unique and actionable ideas not seen elsewhere on the Street.


Gaining an Edge with Unique Connections


The challenge with data is making it structured and insightful. To gain an edge, you must be able to make unique connections that turn insight into performance. Ned Davis Research creates the connections needed to clean, structure, and back-test more than 200 data sources. This creates the solid foundation used in a library of pre-built insightful models that can be integrated into your existing processes.


Why should you work with NDR as your data provider?

Data Sets, Ready to Go

NDR has a large set of proprietary indicators and centralized government data that are available for clients to download. However, NDR is not a redistributor of the premier data vendors that we incorporate into our research.

Objective Perspective

We use a scientific, fusion-based research approach, so you get robust data.

Transparent Results

We provide full access to model reports showing results over time.

Choice, in a Full Library

Get the data you need with a full top down solution including economic indicators, market timing models, stock selection systems, and a library of factors, factor groupings, weightings and models.

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