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Why Choose NDR?

Independent, Objective Research

NDR has been in the business of analyzing markets for more than 40 years and was one of the first firms to leverage a quantitative computing approach to market analysis.

Weight of the Evidence & Ten Rules of Research

We believe that markets are driven by multiple factors including macro, fundamentals, technical and sentiment, and only by taking all of these into account, can you effectively provide insights into optimal market positioning.

Quantitative Approach

NDR differs from competitors by taking a quantitatively driven approach, supported by rigorous back-testing, with strategists providing interpretation of the models and indicators which removes the risk of human bias.

Experienced Strategists And Analysts

Our highly experienced strategists have been interpreting NDR’s market analysis for decades and are uniquely positioned to assist you in understanding the market outlook within the context of NDR’s time-tested framework.

Public Site - Core Offering Overview

Overview of Core Services

NDR’s Core Product Package provides investors with a powerful combination of market & economic insights, asset allocation models, digital tools and proprietary indicators. Powered by NDR’s 360° quantitatively driven methodology, our unique approach combines rigorously back-tested fundamental, macro, sentiment and technical factors to analyze markets.

Areas of Coverage

Global & U.S. economics, asset allocation, equities, fixed income, U.S. sectors, commodities and insights driven by our founder’s approach in the “NDR Hotline.”

Analysis is provided through a combination of interpretive research as well as a robust platform of indicators, asset allocation models, interactive charts and composite models.


Content is customizable to a frequency that suits you, with the ability to set alerts when models hit inflection points. Delivery through our proprietary NDR platform, direct research push and the ability to receive content through 3rd party platforms ensures you receive the content in a method that is most convenient to you.


NDR has a dedicated and highly experienced client coverage team both in the U.S. and globally to ensure you get the most from your NDR access. This includes a dedicated U.S.-based product specialist. The team can assist in customizing your NDR access based on your interests, set up alerts for when indicators or models hit key inflection points and customize your email to suit your needs best.

Custom Research Services

As part of your CORE NDR solution, you will receive two hours of custom research from NDR’s in-house consulting team. Clients can request market analysis, back testing and indicator building on a proprietary basis.