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Providing broad, objective market analysis to wealth management advisors

NDR Advisory is a comprehensive service that provides broad, objective market analysis, implementation ideas through strategy publications, charts, tools, and model portfolios. Our advisory service helps you tell the story to your clients, from a firm with a rich history of providing high value, relevant, empirically-based market research and insights. Our service includes:

  • Advisory Publications
  • Sector and industry allocation recommendations
  • Multi-Asset ETF model portfolio
  • Monthly U.S. Stock Portfolio
  • Alternative assets and commodity research
  • ETF Selection, tools, and charts
  • Additional selection tools and historical charts

NDR Advisory Service offers tools and quantitative research on over 4,800 U.S. stocks and complete coverage of domestic exchange traded funds (ETFs), as well as provides multi-asset allocation and model portfolios.

Clients and trials also have access to:

Charts & Reports

  • Key NDR Models
  • Including Economics, Fixed Income, Global and U.S. Equities, U.S. Sector Allocations and Commodities

Interactive Products

  • Stock Screener
  • ETF Screener
  • ETF Correlator

Conference Calls

  • Market Outlook
  • Thematic Topics
  • Tutorials

Ned Davis Research is thrilled to announce our partnership with Interactive Brokers (IB). NDR is now providing our Advisory Publications product offering on the IB platform. To learn more or to subscribe via the IB platform, please visit the NDR product page.

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Amy Lubas
Amy Lubas, CFA

Advisory Strategist

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Market Digest

DAVIS100 - SP500 Median Price/Earnings Ratio

ETF Correlator Tool

Using any graph, chart, formula or other device to assist in deciding which securities to trade or when to trade them presents many difficulties and their effectiveness has significant limitations, including that prior patterns may not repeat themselves continuously or on any particular occasion. In addition, market participants using such devices can impact the market in a way that changes the effectiveness of such device. Please see important additional disclaimers here: