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We produce a diverse range of technical and macroeconomic analysis to provide a well-rounded perspective on the markets.

We produce a diverse range of technical and macroeconomic analysis to provide a well-rounded perspective on the markets. Many researchers focus on one research methodology. Our approach combines a diverse range into a 360 view. Our areas of research are highlighted below.


Equity research offers comprehensive global coverage, recommendations, strategies, and insights on the outlook for asset classes, market performance, and emerging markets. Our research provides breadth and depth in assessing the risks and potential of benchmarks and individual markets in every region of the globe.


Commodities investment research offers coverage of the commodity stocks and energy markets. Charts and analysis are included for the commodity complex.

Stock Selection

Stock Selection provides unique stock screening and portfolio analysis tools, in-depth actionable commentary (including themed baskets), and detailed stock information for both U.S. and European stocks.

Exchange Traded Funds

Our ETF Selection offers coverage of exchange-traded products traded in the North American markets. This product offers trend, valuation, momentum, liquidity and seasonality factor scores as well as over 150 ETF screening criteria. Also offered are unique tools to identify potential ETFs based on their underlying holdings.

Fixed Income

Fixed Income research offers a comprehensive analysis of monetary policy, supply-demand, and correlation balance with regularly identifying risk for bond investors. We also regularly identify risks impacting bond investors.


Economic research provides broad coverage of the world's developed and emerging economies with specialization on the U.S. & European economies. With a long historical perspective, our U.S. Economic service creates the macro backdrop for research, analysis, and strategy, making it an essential element of the firm's 360° approach to research.

Ned's Insights

Ned's Insights offers weekly insights from, our founder and renowned market historian, Ned Davis. In three weekly publications called Hotlines, Ned applies his weight of the evidence philosophy and risk management focus to objective, disciplined research of the most important trends in the market.

Our research is offered in solution packages for U.S., Global and Exchange Traded Funds

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