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Long-Only Portfolio Managers

Portfolio Managers use NDR's models as a confirmation/challenge to research analysts' recommendations. They also find the timely cyclical work to be of use, e.g. dividend payer valuations, earnings vs economic cycles, etc.

Long-Only Sector Analysts

Complementary to their own bottom-up research, sector analysts stay informed with technicals on their particular sector/industry. Also adding depth is NDR's macroeconomic analysis of headwinds/tailwinds for specific sectors.


NDR's economic & strategy research provide backdrops for allocation decisions.

Hedge Funds

NDR's research gives hedge fund managers a key source of ideas, themes and macro inputs both from a discretionary and systematic viewpoint. Custom research services often provide bespoke market, asset, stock, and scenario analysis as well.

Private Banks/Wealth Managers

NDR is used as an important internal asset allocation and macro risk input, as well as a proven independent source of charts and perspectives to enhance advice and recommendations to clients.


Interest spans across all areas. From economic and bond research….to global equity and asset allocation… to regional strategy… to sector analysis.


Advisors find value in NDR's stock and ETF models, asset allocation research, and sector research.

Marketing Teams

The broad thematic work, visual charts and hundreds of vetted data sources provide resources to marketing teams for their own white papers and corporate marketing material.

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