NDR Explorer is a research interface that lets you navigate NDR's extensive data library

NDR Explorer is a simple, yet powerful investment research interface that lets you navigate NDR's extensive library of unique data easily and in a way that lets you discover and validate your own ideas.

Start With Insights You Can Trust

Ned Davis Research has been in the investment research business for more than 35 years. In that time, we have earned a solid reputation as a trusted source for unbiased investment research data and insight. We build and compile models and report on the market from multiple perspectives.The breadth of our data, combined with powerful tools and an expert-built library of models, indicators, and investing concepts, provides a unique ability to explore and build upon our deep knowledge and experience. NDR Explorer allows clients to interact with the same content that our own strategist teams highlight in publications, or use our charts, downloadable data, and a suite of tools to generate and validate ideas from global asset allocation through stocks and ETF's.

A Wealth of Data in One Neat Package

NDR Explorer now lets you effectively browse:

  • Thousands of Charts, Models, Indicators & Historical Views
  • 7,500+ Downloadable Data Sets
  • 1,800+ Event Studies & Data Reports
  • Powerful set of Market, Stock & ETF Tools
  • Plus ETF & Global Stock Screeners

Tools & Screeners

Find the tools you need to evaluate ideas quickly & in a central location.

  • Customize analysis with a prebuilt foundation of interactive tools
  • Select and save from a wide range of analysis options
  • Generate individual stock ideas with over 200 factors and proprietary model readings using our stock screener
  • Use our ETF tools to track fund flows, find ETFs correlated to ticker lists or portfolios, and other unique data rolled-up from the stock level

Interactive Charting

  • A full library of more than 15,000 investment research charts and nearly 1,800 pre-configured studies
  • Data auditing, testing and quality assurance
  • Dynamic reports offer many different views and combinations

Trending Content

More than just a popularity contest, trending content shows you what's being created by Ned Davis Research strategists or getting more interest than normal. Allowing you on any given day to quickly discover what your peers are looking at and help you uncover emerging trends.

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