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Access NDR Strategies in a Wide Array of Investment Vehicles.

NDR offers select models and indices as turnkey financial solutions.  Investment professionals can access our strategies through a wide array of investment vehicles including mutual funds, ETFs, UITs, managed accounts, and direct signal model manager agreements.


Gaining an Edge on Unique Connections

NDR has a rich history building a wide range of financial market models and indices.  Over the past three decades the output from these models has become a relied upon resource for the industry's most successful asset managers seeking to enhance their performance and perspective on different market themes.  Over the years our models and indices have also been depended on by wealth managers to help achieve their clients' financial goals.


Model Portfolios

The goal of this strategy is to enhance returns over a buy-hold, U.S. large-cap equity benchmark by overweighting and underweighting sectors based on NDR’s proprietary sector model and mitigating the effects of substantial market declines by reducing equity market exposure as dictated by NDR’s U.S. Equity model.

The trust seeks to provide total return through capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of common stocks and non-investment company exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”). To select the common stock portion of the portfolio, an initial universe of companies that derive at least 50% of their revenue from the mining of precious metals is identified. The common stocks for the final portfolio are selected based on multiple fundamental and technical factors. The selected ETFs are chosen based on a number of factors including the particular precious metal that is tracked by an ETF, as well as the overall size and liquidity of an ETF.

The Rising Rate Trust seeks to provide capital appreciation that is defensive against rising interest rates. The trust’s strategy is designed to provide a diversified portfolio of equity securities that the sponsor expects to perform well in an environment of rising interest rates, as measured by movements in the U.S. 10-year treasury bond. NDR evaluates companies based on their sensitivity to key factors identified as having positive correlations of returns in rising interest rate environments.

The Trust seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing in a portfolio of U.S.- listed common stocks that may be in a position to take advantage of current thematic opportunities. NDR identifies investment themes and suggest securities for the portfolio that it believes possess the potential to benefit from the investment themes and market conditions as of the security selection date. An investment theme is a market idea that has the potential of selecting securities of companies that may be poised to outperform the broader market. The investment themes will be specific and constant within the Trust, as selected on the security selection date. 

The NDR Active Allocation - Kathrein fund is a dynamically managed balanced fund-of-fund using exchange traded funds (ETFs) for the various asset classes of stocks, bonds, and money markets. The individual asset classes can be over or underweighted based on quantitative models depending on the current market situation independent of the benchmark. The investment decisions may use the research and the capital market forecasts of Ned Davis Research (NDR).

Invests in 13 different assets including U.S. equities, global equities, fixed income, and cash.  This model utilizes a turnover-reducing algorithm to keep trading cost down and rebalances monthly, providing a tactical asset allocation overlay to the ETF investable asset classes.

Merges macroeconomic and technical indicators in a weight-of-the-evidence approach to allocate across nine fixed income sectors including duration, quality, and geographies.

Combines trend, behavioral, fundamental, and macroeconomic indicators in a weight-of-the-evidence approach to assign tactical asset weights vs. a cap-weighted benchmark of eleven sectors within the U.S. large-cap space.

The VanEck NDR Managed Allocation Fund is a tactical asset allocation fund that has the flexibility to allocate among securities and cash, helping investors with core asset allocation decisions. The fund allocates to global stocks and U.S. fixed income through exchange-traded products (ETPs) with the ability to raise significant cash to limit drawdowns during extreme market events.

VanEck Vectors® NDR CMG Long/Flat Allocation ETF (LFEQ®) seeks to replicate as closely as possible, before fees and expenses, the price and yield performance of the Ned Davis Research CMG US Large Cap Long/Flat Index (NDRCMGLF). The NDRCMGLF Index follows a proprietary model that determines when, and by how much, it allocates to U.S. equities and/or U.S. Treasury bills to seek to help avoid losses in declining markets or capitalize from rising markets. The model produces daily trade signals to determine the Index's equity allocation percentage (100%, 50%, or 0%).

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