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Update to the Rule Book for the NDR CMG US Large Cap Long/Flat Index

2019-09-06   |   Announcement

Ned Davis Research, Inc. announced today proposed changes to the rule book for the Ned Davis Research CMG US Large Cap Long/Flat Index to update the methodology.

The proposed rule will take effect on November 1, 2019, and are as follows:

  • The potential equity allocations shall be changed from 100%/80%/40%/0% to 100%/50%/0%
  • The implementation lag shall be changed from four days to three days
  • The determination of the market breadth composite's direction shall be changed from comparing the composite's current value against its value from 42 days prior to comparing the composite's current value against the current value of the composite's 21-day simple moving average

For further information please contact our client service team at 1-800-241-0621

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