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Ed Clissold Featured on TD Ameritrade Network

2019-09-13   |   External Site
Chief U.S. Strategist Ed Clissold sat down to discuss everything recession factors to trade deal implications. Watch the video.

NDR Discussed Bond Proxies in latest MarketWatch Article

2019-09-09   |   External Site
Ned Davis Research discusses two potential bond proxy categories. Read the full article here.

Update to the Rule Book for the NDR CMG US Large Cap Long/Flat Index

2019-09-06   |   Announcement

Ned Davis Research, Inc. announced today proposed changes to the rule book for the Ned Davis Research CMG US Large Cap Long/Flat Index to update the methodology.

The proposed rule will take effect on November 1, 2019, and are as follows:

  • The potential equity allocations shall be changed from 100%/80%/40%/0% to 100%/50%/0%
  • The implementation lag shall be changed from four days to three days
  • The determination of the market breadth composite's direction shall be changed from comparing the composite's current value against its value from 42 days prior to comparing the composite's current value against the current value of the composite's 21-day simple moving average

For further information please contact our client service team at 1-800-241-0621

Where to Look Besides the Yield Curve?

2019-08-27   |   External Site
Chief U.S. Strategist Ed Clissold explains the economic outlook and indicators to watch in the wake of the inverted yield curve. Read the full article.

The Trade War has Taken a Toll on U.S. and International Markets

2019-08-27   |   External Site
NDR analysts provide analysis into where recession idicators are pointing amidst a trade war. Full article here.

Senior Global Economist Alejandra Grindal tackles Global Negative Bond Yields

2019-08-22   |   External Site
The wave of global negative bond yields could have a positive impact on global stimulus. Full article here.

Ed Clissold Featured on CNBC Futures Now

2019-02-06   |   External Site

Ed Clissold sat down with CNBC and warned investors to not get sidetracked by the year's strong market kickoff. A deep pullback threat remains. Read the full article.

Ed Clissold Featured in CNBC

2018-12-09   |   External Site

Ed Clissold sat down with CNBC to discuss the current bear market. Watch the Video and Read the Article Now.

NDR Wins Wealth & Money Management Awards- Best Global Investment Research Firm

2018-10-17   |   External Site

Ned Davis Research was named as the 2018 Wealth and Money Management Awards- Best Global Investment Research Firm. Read the full article.

Why Fed rate hikes may not hurt stocks—this time

2015-06-22   |   External Site

However, a study by Ned Davis Research found that a slower pace of hiking could change that outlook for equities and the market could continue to ...

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