Description of Global strategy coverage areas

Global strategy meets the needs of the globally focused investor. This package provides access to publications, major models, key charts and tables for the following coverage areas.


Lead Strategists 

Coverage Area

Tim Hayes

Tim Hayes, CMT
Chief Global
Investment Strategist

Global Equity research offers comprehensive coverage, recommendations, strategies, and insights for asset classes, market performance, and emerging markets. Our research helps assess risks and potential of global benchmarks and individual markets in every region.

Hassan Malik

Hassan Malik, PhD, CFA
Senior International Strategist

Europe and Emerging Markets research covers European, Emerging, and Frontier Markets, providing a complete view of these markets through our recommendations and strategies.

Joe Kalish

Joe Kalish
Chief Global
Macro Strategist


Fixed Income research offers a comprehensive analysis of monetary policy, supply-demand, and correlation balance with regularly identifying risk for bond investors. 

Warren Pies

Warren Pies, ERP
Energy Strategist

Commodities research offers coverage of the commodity complex and commodity stocks. Our research is primarily focused on energy and gold.

Alejandra Grindal

Alejandra Grindal
Senior International Economist

Global Economics research provides broad coverage of the world's developed and emerging economies with specialization on the U.S. & European economies. 

Brian Sanborn

Brian Sanborn, CFA
Director of Research Applications


Stock Selection provides unique stock screening and portfolio analysis tools, in-depth actionable commentary (including themed baskets), and an extensive factor library for European, Asian and Canadian stocks.


Ned Davis
Senior Investment Strategist


Ned's Insights offers weekly insights from, our founder and renowned investment market historian, Ned Davis. In three weekly publications called Hotlines, Ned applies his weight of the evidence philosophy and risk management focus to objective, disciplined research of the most important trends in the market.


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