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What NDR product(s) require permission to use beyond "internal use"?

To ensure protection of NDR's Intellectual Property rights and compliance with NDR's data vendors and third party provider's contracts, no NDR product(s) usage beyond "internal use" is permitted without prior written permission from NDR.

Subscriber must promptly request any material intended to be used outside of the "Internal Use" or not listed below be approved by NDR via e-mail at

What restrictions are there on Publication timing?

Requests for usage of content of NDR publications including text, charts, and table, in clients' presentations are not permitted for 24 hours after publishing.

Media receives NDR publications after 24-hour embargo

Why a Permission Process?

This process is critical to NDR for two major reasons: (A) For protecting its intellectual property and to protect the value to our clients for being a paid subscriber to our service; and (B) To ensure compliance with our data vendor(s) contracts and other 3rd Party providers.

What does it mean?

By having a permissions process in place, it ensures that all clients are being treated equally and that NDR's compliance and copyright needs are met in a consistent manner. Permission requests are expected for all usage of NDR product(s) by a client.

When is permission needed by the requestor?

Whenever a client intends to use any NDR product(s) outside of "internal use" and for any external use such as a marketing piece, client presentation, newspaper article, book, newsletter, possible Internet posting, social media, blog or similar mass audience service. Anytime a product is requested in PowerPoint, it will be assumed that it is for use in a marketing piece.

No Blanket Permissions for any NDR product

Permission must be obtained each and every time someone would like to use an NDR product for presentation outside of their personal usage as a client. This enhances NDR control of product distribution and ensures the most recent compliance standards are upheld. Since our Vendor agreements are subject to modification at any time, a product that may have been approved "last week" may no longer be approved for a particular usage.

Initiating Permission Requests

All permission requests for NDR Product usage are to be routed via email to Do not send permission requests to individuals or enter them as CRS projects. Permission requests will need detailed information as to the client/requestor and the expected usage of the product.

NDR Product Usage in Client presentations

All requests should be sent to for approval. Permission requests to use a chart/table in a client publication should be checked for availability and sourcing. PowerPoint requests will be returned in a JPG format.


All media requests should be forwarded to for follow-up and are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Book Permissions

Requests for using NDR products in books are also handled by A publishing house permission form must be supplied to NDR by the requestor. This document is then processed by both the NDR permissions representative and the NDR Compliance officer. Copies are scanned for permanent Compliance files as well as providing a digital copy to the author and publishing company of the book.

NOTE: The permission process for published books is different from other requests. In these cases, NDR will provide feedback in the publishing house permission form as to additional approval that may be requested from third-party data vendors. For example, to use an NDR chart with the S&P 500 Index, the NDR permission representative will contact S&P for specific permission for that book. Final permission is therefore subject to all vendors represented in the material to be used in the book.

NDR Technical/Quantitative Tools (Interactive Studies)

Interactive Studies are created individually by the client using the Interactive Studies tools on the NDR web site. Even though these are created by the user using Interactive Studies, they still require NDR's permission to use them externally. Permission will only be granted to the original client user of the Interactive Study. Any further usage must be approved in advance by NDR.

NDR products request for use on a password-protected CLIENT website

Requests to post NDR charts, tables or text on a CLIENT website are approved for 60 days only after which the client is required to remove the NDR product(s).

NDR products request for use on an non-password protected CLIENT personal website/blog

These requests and usage are not approved by NDR due to its contractual limitations with data vendors and third party providers. Any usage of NDR product(s) on personal websites/blogs/social media or similar mass audience services is strictly prohibited and may result in termination of the client services and or other actions including but not limited to legal restrictions and remedies.

Can permission be granted to use products not included in the clients Schedule A?

All Client Subscribers are only provided permission for use of products that are available via their subscription level.

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