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NDR offers a custom investment research option to investment professionals in need of objective, data-driven solutions that span from routine, day-to-day operations all the way to the investment portfolio, custom models, and strategy decisions.

By combining the power and flexibility of our proprietary software with NDR's extensive collection of data vendors, independent strategy experts, and decades of experience working with thousands of clients, we are capable of providing in-depth outsourced analysis, scheduled product delivery, interactive studies and tools, and decision-making models.

Institutional and advisory relationships range from basic data or charting requests to large-scale allocation models. Our research analysts leverage their investment and quantitative skill sets and NDR's data warehouse to provide customized solutions for your specific need. Our management team and experienced analysts work with the industry's largest names to provide collaborative and consultative solutions, using objective, insightful, and responsible research methodologies.

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Any product examples provided on this page are offered for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to reflect current opinions or views of NDR and its research team. Using any graph, chart, formula or other device to assist in deciding which securities to trade or when to trade them presents many difficulties and their effectiveness has significant limitations, including that prior patterns may not repeat themselves continuously or on any particular occasion. In addition, market participants using such devices can impact the market in a way that changes the effectiveness of such device. Please see important additional disclaimers here: